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Hello and thank you so much for visiting the Monster & Fox site!

Monster & Fox is a small women & children’s clothing business, based in Brancaster, on the north Norfolk coast. It’s named after my dog Monster and his favourite toy, a small ginger fox.

I started Monster & Fox from my kitchen just after my daughter was born in 2017.  I wanted to create bright, nautically themed women’s sweaters and t shirts with the odd slogan thrown in as I love bright colours and a meaningful word or two on my sweatshirts!  I design (but don’t draw) all the images. All Monster & Fox garments are printed in the UK.

It took a lot of time & careful research to find products that were high quality & a good fit, but that were also environmentally friendly & ethically produced.  All Monster & Fox garments are FAIRWEAR and/or WRAP certified.  This means there’s no use of child or forced labour in the factories where these garments are produced. Factory workers enjoy safe and healthy working conditions & are protected by legal labour contracts. 99% of our garments are made from organic cotton & recycled polyester.  They’re made to last.

I hope you enjoy wearing your Monster & Fox sweater, hoodie or t shirt as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!  It makes me so happy to see a photo of someone wearing one of my things – please tag us on Instagram @monsterandfoxuk!

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